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Schwenk Wine Cellars Wine List
Some of our wines sell out early in the season; please call us at (585) 682-4629 if you would like to check availability.

dry rieslingDry Riesling

Bright aromas of pear with hints of peach; the palate is balanced nicely with a touch of sweetness and moderate acidity. Great served with BBQ pork, sausage, and chicken.

(Gold and Silver Medal Winner)

750 ml

rogue society redRogue Society Red - 2010

A dry red blend of Lemberger, Frontenac, Baco Noir and Cornet Noir grapes. Aged in Hungarian Oak for vanilla and smokey undertones. A nice dry red with steak and pasta.

750 ml

lake breeze whiteLake Breeze White

This is a crisp, clean, blended fruity wine. Served cold it is a suitable choice to serve with pork, cheese, fresh vegetables, or pineapple.

750 ml

Baco Noir Wine from 
					Schwenk Wine CellarsBaco Noiŕ

An estate grown and produced dry wine with fragrances of blackberry and black cherry combined. Serve at room temperature or 10 below.

(Gold / Silver Medal Winner)

750 ml

Mallard Point WhiteMallard Point White

A dry white blend of Cayuga and Delaware that has been aged in American Oak. Great served with seafood and rich or spicey dishes.


750 ml

Lake Alice Red Lake Alice Red

A dry blend of Baco Noir and Frontenac. Aged in American Oak - hints of cherries with soft tones.

(Gold / Silver Medal Winner)

750 ml

Snowflake WhiteSnowflake White

A delightful blend of our Cayuga and Vidal wine. A great white wine for the holidays with a fresh taste for the palate.

750 ml

Lighthouse Red White Lighthouse Red - Lighthouse White

Red - A blended semi-dry red table wine that is excellent with grilled meats. Served slightly below room temperature.

White - A blend of traminette, vidal, riesling, and vignoles. A slightly spicy taste paired with spicy, tai, or asian foods.


Snowbird Snowbird

A full fruity bouquet wine with good acidity. Flavorful and pleasant, this wine has a taste of fresh cranberries. A good companion to turkey, pork, or casseroles.

750 ml

Stone Bottom Cayuga White Stone Bottom Cayuga White

A clean, white table wine. This wine has citrus undertones and is similar to a Pinot Gregio.

750 ml

Riesling-Semi-Sweet Riesling-Semi-Sweet

A fragrant, full-fruity bouquet wine that has a slightly pronounced acidity. A semi-sweet wine that works well with fish or fresh fruits. Produced in the German style.

750 ml

Santa's Secret Santa's Secret

Served chilled or mulled. Brillant red in color with good aromas. This wine leaves the pallet happy with tastes of grapes and berries. A good hot tub wine.

750 ml

Orchard Bay Vidal Blanc Orchard Bay Vidal Blanc

100% vidal grapes that will give you a slight tropical taste. Nice wine that will go with a variety of foods.

750 ml

Golden PhoenixGolden Phoenix

Crisp, clean and fruity with the flavors and aroma of honey and spring blossoms; a taste similar to eating fresh grapes.

750 ml

Dasher's Sleigh Bell RedDasher's Sleigh Bell Red

Taste the aroma of black cherries, blackberries and black current flavors. A dark red color for the holidays.

750 ml

Phoenix Phantasm

Niagara grape ice wine - picked and crushed at 18 degrees gives the grapes a sweet, rich, fruity taste.

375 ml

Award Winning Wines from Schwenk Wine Cellars

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